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Success Stories

"You saved my life!!! I was on a dwindling spiral regarding supplements I was taking for my "no thyroid " condition. You recognized my plight and since I was not able to function due to horrible guidance, you helped me call the pharmacy numbers I needed to call to get me back on armour thyroid. I was weak and had multiple conditions too myriad to mention. I can remember that day of my first visit to you so vividly because I felt so inept and helpless. It turned out my TSH was at ZERO! You started to work with some of your products and gave me the love and encouragement I needed to see me through the next days and weeks. I am now on safe ground and functioning at a normal level. You are just the most caring, bright and resourceful doctor I have ever had the privilege of working with! You saved my life."

Betty Diller (Lancaster, PA)

"When I first came to Health by Design, I had been to several doctors in the traditional medical field. After each doctor appointment and a series of tests, I wold leave with no answers. i was basically told I would have to live with the pain because they didn't know what was causing the pain. A friend of mine suggested I make an appointment at Health by Design. I remember leaving the clinic after my first visit and feeling hopeful for the first time in months. Finally, I had someone who not only listened but actually understood what was going on in my body. They came up with plan to help my body function like it should. I began to notice changes within several days, the most significant being a reduction in pain. I am so thankful for the expertise Health by Design offers."

Melissa Young (Akron, PA)

"I have been following recommendations made by Dr. Jeannie for about 1 1/2 years and have really noticed an increase in my energy levels, my sleeping is better, and I have not been getting the frequent colds, sinus infections, and bronchitis that I was getting every year for the last 5 years. The respiratory illnesses I would get would last 2-4 weeks, and since being on the recommended supplements, if I do get a cold, it seems to only last for 5-7 days. Also, my hot flashes are gone, my mood swings have leveled off, and my energy levels have remained stable over the winter months. This is unusual for me. Kudos to Dr. Jeannie for offering quality products, sound advice and in general, better health. Thanks for helping some of my family members, friends, and myself, achieve a better and healthier lifestyle!!!!! I would highly recommend Health by Design to anyone."

Lynette Davis, MSN, RN (Leola, PA)

"Upon arriving at Health by Design clinic, I presented with many different health issues. The main issue was a diarrhea problem which started following the removal of my gallbladder 15 years earlier. Another major issue was stress, for which several supplements have helped immensely. As a 61 year old diabetic, another issue is to strive to maintain healthy blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels, along with reducing cravings for salt and sugar. I have made great improvements in all of these areas thanks to Health by Design's advice."

LeeAnn Chubb (Leola, PA)

"When I first came to Health by Design, I was struggling with severe anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and lack of focus. I was emotionally depleted and desperate for help. Within 2-3 weeks I felt a huge change in how I felt, particularly with sleep and feeling more calm. The time I spend with Dr. Jeannie has been minimal because their recommendations and products truly worked! I am able to handle stress much better and the multiple problems I had with hormonal imbalances and digestive problems, have completely resolved! I prayed and prayed for relief and Health by Design was God's excellent answer!"

Donna (Lancaster, PA)

"I went to Health by Design on the recommendation of a friend. I was suffering from constant pain from an arthritis condition. My test results showed a high toxicity level, high blood pressure, and low hydration levels among other deficiencies. Dr. Peck recommended a detox diet for 2 weeks, along with various supplements. Within 2 days, I was pain free - something I hadn't experienced in months. I decided to discontinue pain medications and six months later, I continue to be pain free and drug free! I am so thankful to have found Health by Design with Dr. Peck. They gave me back my life."

Marian Yoder (Lancaster, PA)

"Since coming to Health by Design, I am no longer taking blood pressure meds or water pills! I feel so much better and healthier. I have lost almost 20 pounds in three weeks with their help and encouragement. I believe I am on a very healthy path with their continued guidance."

Pat Peck (Lancaster, PA)