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At Health by Design, Traditional Naturopath, Jeannie Peck guides and supports clients through lifestyle changes to address challenges with nutrition and hormone imbalances, auto immune conditions, diabetes, food sensitivities, massage, weight loss and detoxification therapies. She excels at educating others on the benefits of natural health options and helping her clients become their own health advocates.

Jeannie Peck

Jeannie Peck

Traditional Naturopath
Licensed Health Professional

Jeannie Peck has worked in the natural health field for over 20 years. She studied at Clayton College of Natural Health and Pan American University's School of Natural Medicine, earning her degree as Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM), which includes naturopathy, homeopathy, and vitamin, mineral and herbal therapies. She is a graduate of Lancaster School of Massage where she earned her certification as a licensed massage therapist. She has earned numerous specialty certifications including Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®, Mastering the Thyroid, Gluten Intolerance and Leaky Gut, Laboratory Assessments, Herbal and Mineral Medicines, and Jin Shin Jyutsu®, needle-less acupuncture. Jeannie also holds certifications as a Weight Loss Specialist and Diabetes Specialist through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition where she continues her studies to add the latest research to her practice.

"I did the foot detox yesterday and loved it! The people were awesome and it was crazy to watch the toxins leaving my body."
Matthew Roda