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What to Expect

At Health by Design, we pride ourselves on putting you at ease from the first moment you walk in the door until you leave our office. We will take time to listen and understand the concerns that have brought you here, and look at you as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms.

Your First Consultation

Plan on spending an hour to an hour and a half with our staff as we ask questions and really listen to your answers. When you arrive, we will complete a series of functional tests with you. These are all non-invasive screenings that will help us to establish a baseline for your health by evaluating markers such as pH, cellular hydration, electrolyte balance, mineral sufficiency, and adrenal stress.

How To Prepare for Your Appointment

Come prepared with your completed new client paperwork and bring any supplements you are currently taking. If you have it available, we recommend you bring a copy of any blood work completed in the past 6 months.

We're Here to Support Your Goals

We will evaluate your current and past medical history to make recommendations for improvement, but we will never judge you for your choices, past or present. Together we will establish your health goals and lay out a plan of specific recommendations to help you improve your health and attain those goals. We serve as a guide on your journey to wellness and offer our support to help you reach your goal.