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Nutritional Consultations

The way we nourish our bodies can make a big difference in how our bodies function and how we feel from day to day. Proper nutrition is one of the keys to youthful vitality, strength and stamina.

At Health by Design we provide in-depth health assessments and educate you on specific weaknesses and gradual ways to improve your overall health by supporting your body with what it needs so you can achieve whole body wellness.

We employ functional nutrition using natural herbs, whole foods, vitamins, and minerals as a means of bridging the gap between clinical nutrition and functional, or allopathic, medicine. We seek to identify the underlying causes of diseases and conditions that lead to health complaints, instead of just treating the symptoms. Functional nutrition is an opt-in model of self-care.

We'll begin by asking you to complete comprehensive questionnaires that address functional assessments in the in a variety of areas including menstrual cycles, hormones, digestion, intestinal integrity, stress, neural, immune, detoxification, endocrine, including adrenal and thyroid functions, sleep, diet, exercise, and elimination.

Your initial consultation will typically last from 45 - 60 minutes, however, you should allow an additional 15 minutes each visit for functional tests such as blood pressure, pH, and mineral taste tests, that may be part of your initial assessment and/or follow- up appointments.

In our initial consultation we will:
  1. Listen to your entire health history
  2. Evaluate your health using non-invasive functional tests
  3. Educate you on how your body functions and help you get to the root cause of health complaints
  4. Design a complete nutritional plan customized for you!

Your consultation may include nutritional interpretations of test results you may either bring with you or, in some cases, we can recommend specific labs from a certified laboratory that you can use as an educational tool for your personal health purposes. We do not diagnose or treat diseases.

We understand you may already be supplementing with products recommended by others and we invite you to bring all the supplements you are currently taking to your initial consultation. We want to know what you are taking so that we can help determine the best overall health regimen for you, including how much of which supplements to take to ensure you are getting the optimum daily amounts required for your specific health concerns, age, and ability to assimilate.

Health by Design also provides ongoing support to keep you on track to a healthier you.

If you're ready for a plan that addresses your whole health, improving your strength, vitality and energy levels, contact Health by Design today for a nutrition consultation!

What Others Are Saying

"I am so thankful I was introduced to Dr. Jeannie. It was out of curiosity, and the desire to lower my blood pressure naturally, that I visited your clinic for the first time. I have not been the same since. Within days I noticed a substantial increase in energy and stamina. Gone were the restless legs, skin bruising, food cravings, water retention, and constipation. My blood pressure is returning to normal and I feel wonderful! I am continuing to seek your friendly and professional expertise in balancing my hormones. It's exciting to see improvements. Thank you Dr. Jeannie. I would highly recommend Health by Design to anyone."

Janet (New Holland, PA)